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Ellie who is the owner of Both Shevas Bookkeeping and Shevas Legal Services, is a Licensed Paralegal (P1) as well as a non-CPA accountant (Bookkeeper), Notary Public, QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and Tax Specialist.

Ellie had her own paralegal practice from 2010-2015. In 2017-2018 Ellie expanded her services and opened Shevas Bookkeeping. In 2021 Ellie reopened Shevas Legal Services. Ellie has been doing taxes for 12 years and graduated the Accounting and Payroll Specialist program with Honours. Ellie has been doing Landlord Tenant for 15 years and tickets for 10 years. Ellie has been a Licensed Paralegal for over 10 years and is fully Licensed by the Law Society of Ontario.



Business Vision:

Shevas Bookkeeping and Shevas Legal Services will expand its services to become a one stop location for clients in need of bookkeeping, taxation, legal documents, court representation, Notary public, tickets, Accounts Receivable, Small Claims, Landlord Tenant, and office administration.

Business Mission:

Shevas Bookkeeping and Shevas Legal Services makes fiscal management, taxes, notary, court representation and legal matters easier and convenient for her clients so they can devote their energies to other aspects of their small business practises.

Statement of Purpose:

When I started my first paralegal practice at 20, I remember feeling incredibly overwhelmed. It took me 2 years to make any money. I remember spending weeks trying to set up my business with marketing and figuring out what I really needed to do. I was spending valuable time and money trying to figure out how to get my business up and running, when I just wanted to focus on helping others with their legal concerns, which was the reason I went into paralegal. It was so frustrating and defeating! I had a lot of clients in those days who took advantage of me, and it took many life lessons to learn how to not let them. I felt like the ultimate one woman show-What I needed to learn was how to find reliable help and outsource affordably. I spent 5 years and had moved up in rank. I finally felt good when my personal life turned 180 degrees on me in less than two months. I ultimately had to close my business for several years during which time I became a single mom. I turned into a Stay-at-home and had to change careers. I went into finance and got an Honors Diploma in Accounting and Payroll. After taking a break for eight months because of personal issues I started operating Shevas Bookkeeping full time. Shevas Bookkeeping was my dream of helpings others with their businesses, so they didn’t have to struggle with their businesses as I had done with my first business. I decided I wanted to offer others what I always wished I knew back then. I know what you are trying to do, I know the struggles you are facing with your business. I have been there. This lasted over two years until I realized I now had the option of re-opening my paralegal business. I named it Shevas Legal Services like my first, but this was now my third business, and I was so much smarter and more efficient. I am in the same demographic as my customers/clients. I also am a work from home, service- business and solo-Mompreneur. No need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and figure it all out on your own- I can help with your business needs. Now I am back here fully qualified and fully Licensed Paralegal/Notary Public as well as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, tax specialist, and Bookkeeper. I love helping small businesses and offering the legal services and financial services and business services I was so enthusiastic about back in the day while continuing to help others find the reliable help I craved so much.

I have been licensed for almost 12 years. I have a Commissioner of Affidavits Certificate that they no longer give-in my day you had to apply and pay after you had been practicing for six months. I have a notary certificate I got when Paralegals were allowed to become notaries after they graduated instead of a Commissioner of Affidavits.

I have been doing QuickBooks Online for three years. 

I have been doing taxes for fourteen years. I may be opening a new business, but I have years of experience. Call me to get your help! Do you want a bundle of services from both businesses? I can offer you a loyalty discount and bundle any of our existing services. Please call or email me, to set up a time to talk.

I specialize in Bookkeeping, taxes, Human Rights, Small Claims, Landlord Tenant, Tickets in North York, Vaughan, Toronto, Scarbrough, Bramton, Pickering, Oshawa, Richmond Hill, Markham and Mississauga

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