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Landlord Tenant Board

The Landlord Tenant Board is the Landlord and Tenant Court for Ontario. The Process is Time Consuming and has a reputation for long wait times. Landlord Tenant has a 1 year limitation period.

The role of the LTB is to:

  • resolve disputes between property owners and tenants through mediation or adjudication
  • resolve eviction applications from co-ops
  • provide information to property owners and tenants about their rights and responsibilities under the RTA

Shevas Legal Services has over 10 years experience In Landlord Tenant.

As a result of Covid-19 they have been chocked up for a long time and a hearing can take months. You do not want to make an error and must wait several more months or up to a year. Allow Shevas Legal Services to help you make this complicated process easier.

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Shevas Bookkeeping and Shevas Legal Services helps with Landlord-Tenant Assistance across the following areas:
North York | Vaughan | Toronto | Scarborough | Brampton | Pickering | Oshawa | Richmond Hill | Markham | Mississauga

Landlord Tenant Services Include: Landlord Assistance | Tenant Assistance

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