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Licensed Paralegal, Bookkeeper & Notary Public in Toronto, Ontario

Bookkeeping, Notary Public, Personal & Small Business Tax Services

Shevas Bookkeeping and Shevas Legal Services make financial and legal management easier and convenient for her clients so they can devote their energies to other aspects of their small business practices.

Services offered by Shevas Bookkeeping and Shevas Legal Services: QuickBooks ProAdvisor | Small Business taxes | Personal Taxes | Notary Public | Traffic Tickets | Parking Tickets | Landlord Assistance  | Tenant Assistance | Human Rights Tribunal | Paralegal Services | Virtual Notary | Small Claims | Judgement Enforcement | Commissioner of Oaths | Commissioner of Affidavits | Accounts Receivables | Accounts Payable

Shevas Bookkeeping and Shevas Legal Services serves clients across North York, Vaughan, Toronto, Scarborough, Brampton, Pickering, Oshawa, Richmond Hill, Markham, and Mississauga, ON.

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Why Choose Shevas Bookkeeping and Shevas Legal Services?

  • Customer-Oriented


    I offer top-notch customer service and make it my mission to solve my clients’ problems. I am prompt in responding to any financial concerns and make sure that clients can reach out to me.

  • Tailored Solutions

    Tailored Solutions

    Every client that enlists my services comes in with unique situations, and this requires customized services. Fortunately, I have the expertise to look into different financial difficulties and can tailor my services to suit various business or personal requirements.

  • One-On-One Attention

    One-On-One Attention

    I am committed to providing my clients with one-on-one attention, and I am always there for them when they need me. I work closely with clients and prioritize their requirements and challenges while helping them capitalize on potential savings and assets.

  • High-Quality Service

    High-Quality Service

    I maintain high standards for my clients, as I believe that every function requires special attention. Additionally, I offer cost-effective, timely delivery, and easier decision-making processes to help streamline my clients’ finances and legal cases.

  • Open Communication

    Open Communication

    Maintaining one finances and legal issues daily can be challenging for a layperson, so I make sure to provide an open line of communication to my clients. Irrespective of their concerns, I won’t make them come to me. I either meet them remotely so that they feel comfortable.

Shevas Bookkeeping and Shevas Legal Services

Licensed Paralegal and Bookkeeper in Toronto, Ontario

Ellie who is the owner of Both Shevas Bookkeeping and Shevas Legal Services, is a Licensed Paralegal (P1) as well as a non-CPA accountant (Bookkeeper), Notary Public, QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and Tax Specialist.

Ellie had her own paralegal practice from 2010-2015. In 2017-2018 Ellie expanded her services and opened Shevas Bookkeeping. In 2021 Ellie reopened Shevas Legal Services. Ellie has been doing taxes for 12 years and graduated the Accounting and Payroll Specialist program with Honours. Ellie has been doing Landlord Tenant for 15 years and tickets for 10 years. Ellie has been a Licensed Paralegal for over 10 years and is fully Licensed by the Law Society of Ontario.

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Although my papers were a mess Elisheva did a great job filling for me, She caught me up in my taxes, got me a refund, and met me at my office so I didn't have to come out to her. She replied to all of my communication in a professional and timely manner. I highly recommend her

I very much appreciated Elisheva attention to my problem and theadvice and information she provided to ensure I get the best results.

Elisheva is trustworthy and detail oriented. She cares about thequality of her work and the people she works with, and has shown herself to be willing to go the 'extra mile' for her clients.

Elisheva was prompt, discreet, and most of all successful in handling my legal issue. Her price was very reasonable, plus she came to meet me during lunch so I didn't have to take time off work on top of everything else. I recommend her services highly.

Shevas was caring & professional when dealing with my problem, I never had to ask her what was happening because I always knew, and the meetings were always convenient. I highly suggest using her services

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